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Today's medical model of care is shifting more towards the whole person - not just the disease or symptom. Years of prejudice among doctors of medicine and chiropractic are giving way to research showing the benefits of chiropractic care. Some attitudes are slow to change but the evidence of chiropractic's effectiveness and safety are overwhelming. As more and more people demand complimentary medicine and take control of their health, the more medical doctors are referring their patients to what works!

Chiropractic treatment for a variety of neuromusculoskeletal conditions is gaining wider acceptance among the medical profession. Because students of chiropractic spend significantly more time studying the spine than do medical students, many medical doctors recognize the value of chiropractors as the appropriate source for diagnosis of and first line of treatment for functional disorders of the entire musculoskeletal system.


The focus on traditional healthcare is on germs and blood. Chiropractic is different.

Chiropractic produces results by helping your nervous system work the way it should.


 M.D.s now categorize chiropractic manipulation with the highest rating: "Generally accepted, well-established and widely used." Spine, 1991. North American Spine Society.

 "A majority of family physicians (in Washington) admitted having encouraged patients to see a chiropractor, and two-thirds indicated a desire to learn more about what chiropractors do." The Journal of Family Practice, 1992.

 "Family Physicians and Chiropractors: What's Best for the Patient?" "Our trial showed that chiropractic is a very effective treatment, more effective than conventional hospital outpatient treatment for low-back pain ... particularly in patients ... who have severe problems." T. W. Meade, M.D.

 "The only difference that I can see is that the patients at John F. Kennedy get chiropractic manipulations. And in my experience, the patients at J.F.K. almost without fail get out of the hospital in a week. At Lutheran, it usually takes, oh, not uncommonly, 14 days." Per Frietag, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon, on why he prefers to admit his patients with back pain to John F. Kennedy Hospital, which has staff chiropractors, rather than Lutheran General, which does not have staff chiropractors.

 "Manipulative medicine is no longer a taboo topic." Norton Hadler, M.D., self-described "cantankerous doctor who would have never dealt with manipulation in the past," professor of rheumatology, University of North Carolina Medical School at Chapel Hill, Time Magazine, 1991.

 "Ten years ago if you practiced manipulation ... you couldn't get published and were never invited to meetings. Now I can't keep up with the invitations." Neurologist Scott Haldeman. M.D., D.C. New York Times. 1991.

 "The bottom line is this: We're supposed to take care of folks. If doctors cannot move a patient from one player to the next in a team, we're not doing what we need to do." With the proper referral, "everyone wins... MD's do okay, chiropractors do well, and the patients do fantastic." Dr. Larry Teuber. JACA. Aug 1999, V36, N8, p7.

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