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Have you ever heard the old song that goes, 'The leg bones connected to knee bone, the knee bone connected to the thigh bone, the thigh bones connected to the hip bone…', and so on? Bones and joints from the foot to the spine do not function independently of one another but all rely on the smooth function of one another to work properly and stay healthy.

People don't have repeated strains of a body part for no reason. Something about the mechanics of the area creates strain. If we find and correct the strain we stop the pain. If we don't we wear our. Often at a very early age. Mechanical and postural problems with any area in the foot, leg, MUSCLE, TENDON AND LIGAMENT TEARS: The Most Common Injury.


All the muscular and supportive tissues of the body are comprised of thousands of individual fibers. If we were to cut through a muscle or tendon we would see these individual fibers under the microscope.

When we tear tissue (the most common injury), we usually tear a portion of the fibers. Depending on the severity of the tear we rate the injury a grade 1, 2 or 3. A grade three tear is most severe. This is a complete tear and requires surgical repair in most cases. Fortunately the vast majority of tears is incomplete and requires only proper diagnosis and good treatment to heal. Therapies like ultrasound, (the therapy of choice for tissue tears and the one the major sports players get), greatly speeds up tissue repair and clean healing.

Scarring can often develop following tissue tears. Scarring often results when inappropriate care is received or an injury takes too long to heal. Prolonged injury and inflamation or swelling leads to scarring. The area will be prone to continued injury and retearing. Ultrasound and other beneficial therapies reduce the chance of scarring. Excessive massage and stretching can often delay proper healing.

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