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Most acute hip pain relates to injury. The commonest injury of course is strain which usually involves a tissue tear. (One however cannot rule out a slipped bone cap in children and fracture in the elderly. Both conditions when suspected require x-ray and this we routinely do.) We provide expert care for hip conditions and referral when needed.


Chronic hip strains are usually followed by hip degeneration and arthritis. The reason for this is simple. People don't have repeated strains of a body part for no reason. Something about the mechanics of the area creates strain. If we find and correct the strain we stop the pain.


If we don't find and correct the problem, we wear our body parts out and often at a very early age. Such strains and eventual wearing of the hip joint are most often due to a short leg, abnormal posture of the lower extremities or other factors. If one imagines the human body as a complex machine it is easy to see abnormal mechanics creates abnormal wear.

If one can diagnose, understand and treat postural deformities at their earliest possible stage, one can decrease the ultimate deterioration and problems that will ensue to the hip joint. Therefore, one can see that the earlier the intervention the better.

Children commonly experience unleveling of the spine. Scoliosis may result due to a short leg or tilted pelvis. Persistent hip problems or strain may also result even at a young age. Therefore children, adults and even seniors may benefit greatly from care and correction of these abnormalities. Correction can stop wear and tear and prevent the need of surgery at a later date.

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