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Elbow problems result from injuries or stressors like golf, tennis, carpentry and other sports or occupations that repetitively strain the internal or external joint surfaces. Elbow problems are commonly related to strain or fixation of the shoulder and/or upper back wherein excessive elbow motion may be needed to achieve or overcome the limitations of a restricted shoulder, upper back or neck area. Inner and outer elbow pain, (known as medial and lateral epicondylitis), are two disorders that may ensue. Medial epicondylitis is often related to golfers swing and is in fact called golfer's elbow. Lateral epicondylitis is often related to the tennis swing and is called tennis elbow for this reason. Regardless of location, epicondylitis is a form of tendonitis that can be stubborn and difficult to treat becoming chronic, producing disability over many years.

Successful treatment requires proper attention to grip and delivery of both the tennis and golf ball as well as combining proper therapies consisting of ultrasound, ice packs, heat, massage, friction massage, rehabilitational exercise and others means. Precise attention must be given to bracing and protecting the elbow for purposes of stabilization while the injury is healing. My experience in treating this difficult condition has shown considerable success but only when faulty mechanics are dealt with. Strict attention to therapy and a special wrist and elbow brace must be worn. Unfortunately, the traditional elbow brace is inadequate to resolve this condition but brace improvements have recently arrived on the treatment scene and a superior brace is available.



Carpal tunnel is a condition which is resistant to treatment.   Pressure around the medial nerve located in the inner wrist  produces symptoms of numbness, tingling, reduced blood flow and pain. 

Unfortunately, here again, the brace commonly worn for this condition is of poor design and adds to the problem in my opinion, further pressuring the inflamed and weakened median nerve.

Experience and success in the treatment of my carpal tunnel patients indicates the use of a new design in bracing coupled with proper therapy and biomechanical evaluation of related areas.  Ultrasound, contrast baths and radiocarpal stretching can greatly decrease swelling.  Instrumental in achieving these goals is proper nutrition and vitamin use. (Numerous studies indicate the need for specific vitamins).  Another area of difficulty that many carpal tunnel sufferers have is in their sleeping positions.  (Many carpal tunnel victims assume the side sleeping position wherein the wrist is abnormally flexed or extended at night.    This position in and of itself will continue to create carpal tunnel symptoms and lengthen the pathology of this disorder.)


Obviously listing all the possible joint complaints is beyond the scope of a standard web page.  With that much data you'd probably give up and go to someone else's page before you could download ours.  That would not be good for either of us.  Therefore, let me just say that we really do like helping our patients.  We mean what we say on these pages and have experienced them repeatedly in practice.  We're happy to take the time in person to discuss the possibility of our assistance with any muscular, joint or spinal condition brought about or connected to poor body mechanics and injuries, without charge, in an unhurried manner.  If you, a loved one or friend needs expert care we can help.

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